13 Things You Should Never, Ever Google


Most of us use Google in our daily life to find solutions of our everyday life problems. Google is almost like our daily need.

We all know that things cannot always be pretty to the eyes. Some things are in fact so bad that they can haunt you for the rest of your life. Below is a list of such gross things which can make your stomach curdle and leave you regretting your curiosity to check up on them. So whatever you do, never look up for these things on Google. Unless you want to do that for vengeful purposes!

1. Nikki Catsouras

In October 2006, an 18year old girl, Nikki, was driving her father’s car and ended up in a very ugly accident. The accident was so bad that Nikki was rendered unrecognisable and even her parents were not shown her body.


2. Your symptoms

While you think it is the best to get a diagnosis sitting at home with a phone in one hand and avoiding visiting a doctor, it can instead give you a world of stress. A simple scar headache, wound or an infection can show you results such as death or being cancerous.


3. The Clock Spider

An Image search on this can lead to horrific consequences, as it shows spiders of really big sizes and can totally creep you out! There is one sitting on a toilet seat, which is as big as the seat itself. Scream! It started with a man posting pictures of a spider hidden behind a wall clock, and was as big as the clock. What follows are even more creepy pictures.


4. Lamprey Disease

Lamprey disease pops up if you search for the jawless lamprey fish. Be careful not to click on the disease as it can give you nightmares. It is a fake disease but the pictures can leave you grossed out.


5. Jiggers

Jigger is a double ended metal vessel, but while searching for it what pops up before that are the results for an infection spread by parasitic sand flea. These flea burrow into the skin and lay eggs there. They have to be cut out from the skin with a scalpel as they burrow so deep. Scary!


6. Killer Kids

You might have seen the naughtiest of the kids but you don’t really want to know about the heinous crimes that some kids have committed. But if you still decide to search for killer kids, do not, I repeat, do not search for Daniel Petry. This 16 year old boy was accused of strangling his 12 year old friend and cutting his body into two. Shocking, scary and creepy.


7. Brown Recluse Spider Bite

When these poisonous spiders bite, one may not even notice it, but they are one of the worst kinds of bites. The symptoms start showing after 2-8 hours. I bet you would not be able to look at the images for more than 2 seconds!


8. Skin conditions

The results that pop up after typing these two words can spoil your day, even if you haven’t entered any kind of details. Gross, is an understatement.


9. Mucus

Last but definitely not the least. Eew! Do I need to elaborate? Even the thought grosses us out!


10. 2 Kids 1 Sandbox

This is on the similar lines of 2 Girls 1 Cup, which portrayed two women engaging in disgusting intimate relationship involving their own feces and vomit. However, this one has a man and a woman engaging in unthinkably gross activities.


11. Tubgirl

This was an infamous series of photos which showed an oversized Asian woman excreting orange liquid from her backside. I mean from inside her body, you get the picture! So don’t go looking for it!


12. Peanut Dog

He was crowned as the World’s Ugliest Dog in 2014. Although we feel bad for the dog, but he does make a sad and ugly picture. He survived abuse and fire and that costed him his lips, eyelids and a very ugly face.


13. Bed bugs on mattresses

This image search on this can literally give you nightmares. You might not be able to sleep peacefully without imagining what could be underneath your sheets.


And, if you still decide to go ahead with the search for these, consider us telling you “ We warned you!”