5 People On One Bike! Policeman Shared Pic On Twitter. Hilarious Reactions Followed.


We’re habitual of blaming the government for not implementing the law properly to prevent road accidents but how many of us are actually willing to take the stand and follow these rules?

A photo recently went viral and is now doing the rounds on internet. It shows a police officer from Andhra Pradesh holding his hands in front of a bike rider who was travelling with his wife, two kids and a relative on his two-wheeler. In the photo, it could be clearly seen that both the kids were sitting on the petrol tank of the bike.

So the name of the policeman is Shubh Kumar and he is a circle inspector. It was when he was conducting a road safety program with his five sub-inspectors that he got to meet the bike rider.

As per a report in Indian Express, the police officer felt so helpless and frustrated after seeing the rider that he simply stood holding his hands before him, sarcastically praising him for risking his life as well as that of his family. Not only did Kumar scold the man for this reckless behavior but also questioned him for not wearing a helmet.

To our surprise, the bike rider smiled, ignored and simply left after murmuring something. Later on it was found that he is a regular law-breaker.

Abhishek Goyal, DCP Traffic East, shared the pic on Twitter with an interesting caption.

Soon the micro-blogging site was flooded with hilarious reactions. Here are some of the selected ones:

Isn’t it high time that instead of turning a blind eye towards our duties and simply blaming the government for everything, we start playing our part in preventing road accidents?