8 Ridiculous Lies Indian Media Spread About PM Modi And Fooled Public


Ever since Modi government came to power, the nation saw some of the biggest lies being spread by our Mainstream media. Call them hitjobs, brainfades, goof-ups or ‘Supari-Journalism’, not only did they manage to bring an outrageous rush on social media but sometimes, the government itself had to step in and clarify.

Here’s everything you need to believe that not every headline holds truth.

Times of India: Modi in Rambo Act, saves 15000

The newspaper claimed that Modi had managed to bring home some 15,000 stranded Gujarati pilgrims from Uttarakhand.

Obviously there was outrage and ridicule on Social Media, which forced Times of India to apologise. As it emerged, what could have actually happened is that Modi Government’s efforts could have helped an estimated 15000 people, in the form of food, shelter, medicines and transport to reach their homes.

The Indian Express: Ghar wapsi: Damage control? Amitabh Bachchan ‘secular’ ad

Right at the end of the year, to be precise, on 31st December 2014, The Indian Express came out with this news : Amitabh Bachchan has been roped in by BJP to feature in a “Secular Ad” which is the “Brainchild of Modi”, to act as a damage control against misadventures like Ghar Waapsi. The Ad, the story claims, to be released before Republic Day, would feature “Bachchan flying a kite and talking about India’s diversity and culture.”

Soon Big B intervened on Twitter and brushed off this news saying no such offer has been made to him.

Times of India/Doordarshan: Narendra Modi said Priyanka was like his daughter, DD censored it

Times of India claimed that in his interview to Doordarshan, Modi had said “Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was like his daughter”, the part which was later edited out.

The report was probably based on the rather oddly edited interview, which was telecast by Doordarshan. This led to a war of words between Priyanka and Modi.

Modi had to finally step in and clear this by releasing the full video of the interview. As it turns out, no such statement was ever made.

The Business Standard: Modi mantra: Lean Cabinet, not so lean PMO

This news article tried to make a point that although PM Modi talks about “lean cabinet” etc, his PMO employs more staff than even his predecessor. This erroneous report was based on a wrongly interpreted RTI reply from the Government.

Seeing the misreporting and resultant outrage, the PMO itself came out with a clarification. The fact was, the current PMO’s staff strength had actually come down to 385, from 411 employed by the earlier PMO.

All Media Houses: Modi government will bring back black money within 100 days.

When this news was doing the rounds, a Twitter user @KartikeyaTanna revealed the truth. He pulled out the video of a rally, in which Rajnath Singh clearly said “100 din ke andar karyavahee prarambh kar denge” i.e. an enquiry will be set up into the Black Money case within 100 days of coming to power.

However, media twisted his statement and let us believe that Modi government has made such a promise.

Business Standard: “Can’t get rid of public sector, nor should you”, said PM Modi

What Modi actually said was, “In any developing country in the world, both the public and private sector have a very important role to play. You can’t suddenly get rid of the public sector, nor should you.”

In a very cunning and shrewd move, Business Standard dropped the word “suddenly” from his statement and made it the headline. Thereby, giving the impression that Modi was not at all in favour of getting rid of public sector companies while, he was actually pressing for a gradual transformation

The Hindu: Narendra Modi wishes Maryam Sharif speedy recovery

As a matter of fact, it was Nawaz Sharif whom Modi actually wished since he was undergoing a heart surgery. However, The Hindu tweeted out the wrong version stating that Modi has wished Maryam Sharif, Nawaz Sharif’s daughter.

UNESCO declares PM Modi best Prime Minister

It was in June 2016, when a fake news broke out on WhatsApp groups, and other social media stating that the UN cultural agency had awarded Prime Minister Narendra Modi the title of best prime minister in the world. There are no particulars for who came up with this hoax first. But naturally, the rumor widely surfaced on social media and fooled netizens.

However, the hoax was finally called out by some alert internet users.