9 Dumb statements by Indian Politicians


    This is not the 1st time we hear such dumb statements by our politicians. It is surprising to see that some of the leaders are the head of biggest ministries in India and the kind of statements they make in public tells us that the kind of mindset they have towards the society or people.
    Some of these statements have got lot of media attention.
    1. West Bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee
    “Rape cases are on rise in the country because men and women interact more freely now”

    2. Ex Delhi chief minister Sheila Dixit
    “Rs 600 per month is enough to feed a family of 5”

    3. BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj
    “Every Hindu woman mus produce at least 3-4 kids to protect Hinduism”

    4. Ex Union minister Benny Prasad Verma
    “I am happy with this price rise. The more the prices rise, the better it is for farmers.

    5. BJP minister Mukhtar abbas naqvi
    “Women wearing powder and lipstick are the same as J&K terrorists”

    6. Samajwadi party head Mulayam Singh
    “We should avoid the use of computers and English in India”

    7. Ex health minister Gulam Nabi Azad
    “When there is no electricity, there is nothing else to do, but produce babies”

    8. Rahul Ghandhi
    “Politics is in your shirt, in your pant”

    9. Azam Khan
    “Hamare yahan aabadi jaida ho jaati hai kyunki hamare logo ke pass koi kaam nahi hai, badshah kaam de”