Age gap between these Bollywood siblings will surprise you.


AB Ram and Aryan Khan

Shahrukh khan is a father of 3 children. One daughter and two son. AB Ram is 4 years old and Aryan is 20 years old. There is a age gap of 16 years.

Azad Rao khan and Junaid Khan

Aamir khan has 2 kids. Junaid and Azad khan. Junaid is 23 years old and Azad is just 5 years old so the age gap is almost 18 years.

Sunny Deol And Esha Deol

Dharmedra is married twice. Sunny and Bobby Deol are his kids from his 1st marriage. From his 2nd marriage he was blessed with two daughters Esha and Ahana. There is a age gap of 24 years between Sunny Deol and Esha Deol.

Trishala and Iqra dutt

Sanjay git married thrice. Trishala dutt is her daughter from his 1st marriage and from his 3rd marriage with Manyata Dutt he was blessed with two kids Iqra and Shahran dutt. There is a age gap of 22 years between Iqra and Trishala Dutt.

Salman and Arpita Khan

Arpita is not the real sister of Salman Khan. Salim Khan has adopted Arpita Khan.Salman is the youngest kid of Salim Khan. There is a age gap of 24 years between Arpita and Salman khan.