“I worked in a dhaba, selling omelettes, before I signed All The Best”, Says Famous Actor Sanjay Mishra


Sanjay Mishra: a man who might have never tasted stardom like a conventional hero but is hands down one of the finest actors Bollywood ever had. If you flip through the Hindi film channels on your television, you will definitely stumble upon a film starring him.

Mishra started off with a Television show ‘Chanakya’ which aired in 1991. But a major turning point in his career came with the 1999 World Cup ad. As soon as the famous ‘Mauka Mauka’ ad went viral, Mishra’s character ‘Apple Singh’ got humongously publicized.

Apart from working in over more than 100 films, Sudhir’s portrayal of “Shukla Ji” in a cult TV show till date, ‘Office Office’ has been etched in people’s memories. Talking about his films, his performance in ‘Masaan’ and ‘Aankhon Dekhi’ managed to bag heavy critical acclaim.

However, the path of success was never smooth for this unassuming man with great talent. Having lost his father, Sudhir was almost clutched to depression. There was a time when neither his professional nor his personal life was going right and a series of failure made him take hasty decision of going to Rishikesh and working in a dhaba.

The man with innate acting skills in his veins might have spent his entire life working there if Rohit Shetty didn’t convince him to return. Not only did Shetty offered him a promising role in his film ‘All The Best’ but also helped him gain his lost confidence back.

When a young Sanjay was leaving Delhi, his hometown for the first time to try his luck in Bombay, his mother accompanied him to the railway station. As emotional as she was, she couldn’t control her tears and a fear of uncertainity was inked clearly on her face. Now that her son has finally made a niche for himself in this industry, she must be a proud mother.