Mallika Sherawat Got Brutally Trolled For Her Sexy Picture On Instagram. Commenters Called Her “Aunty”!


Mallika Sherawat: a woman who once might have been the ultimate definition of “sexy” but now seems to have lost her essence over time. Well well well, we ain’t saying anything. It’s actually what people think.

It is not uncommon for celebrities to be on the receiving end of vicious trolling. And when Mallika Sherawat took to Instagram to share a picture of herself, trolls poured in like nothing. Having been disappeared from the limelight for sometime now, she may have seen her picture as a treat to her fans. But little did she know that social media would soon be flooded with hatred and sarcasm.

So, Mallika shared a “sexy” picture from a photoshoot, and a barrage of nasty comments came her way. Some commenters call her “aunty” and some asked her to “stop trying such stunts” as it doesn’t suit her age.

Unfair it is but netizens brutally poking fun at Sherawat, you can’t afford to miss it.

Have a look: