Shocking Revelation: PM Modi May Ban Alcohol In India. Twitterati Went Crazy!


Ever since PM Modi came to power, the nation saw some of the biggest moves being played. And now it seems that even the last drop has been squeezed out.

Recently, Modi addressed the concern of increasing “Alcoholism” issue among youth particularly concerning the destruction of society in next 25 years if no measure is taken. It all happened during the inauguration of Ma Umiya Dham Ashram in Haridwar.

Should it be taken as a hint that Modi is going to ban alcohol the same way he suddenly banned notes? Well, at least people think so. In fact, India broke all records in terms of alcohol sale in the last two days.

Now that the issue is going viral, how could netizens let go of it. Ever since his statement came out, a whole bunch of tweets are pouring in. Take a look: