When A News Daily Asked Hardik Pandaya About His Mystery Girl, He trolled them By A Single Tweet


When rising Indian cricketer, Hardik Pandaya recently posted a picture of his on Instagram, it created a buzz all around. In the picture, we could see a mysterious girl alongside Pandaya and soon social media was flooded with speculations about his latest girlfriend and an alleged breakup with Lisha Sharma.

Talking about the same, leading English daily, DNA posted a tweet to Hardik thereby asking him to spill the beans. Here’s what they tweeted.

However, a rather annoyed Pandaya chose to take a dig at DNA. Finally fed up of all the rumors, he trolled the news daily and revealed that the mystery girl is no one but his sister. Here’s what he tweeted.

The tweet soon went viral and hilarious responses came pouring in. Here we bring you some of the best reactions that Pandya’s tweet got:

Seems like it’s high time journalists stop peeking in through cricketers’ personal lives and start reporting some sensible contents.